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Bay leaves and cosmetics

The most well-known cosmetic property of Apollo laurel is that of strengthening and restructuring the hair. It is true that the oil and the extract of bay leaves and its fruit (without the seeds) nourish the hair in depth and give shine to the damaged hair.

As in the walnut, the use of Apollo laurel extract stimulates the color of brown hair and effectively covers gray hair. Laurel oil is also a hair conditioner helping to easily untangle it, while giving the hair elasticity to avoid split ends and damage. It is considered an ideal plant against dandruff and hair loss, while at the same time it stimulates the scalp.

The combination of laurel oil with an emollient oil such as calendula, is beneficial for skin diseases. Apollo laurel oil nourishes the skin and is considered a natural skin firmer, fighting tissue relaxation.

The use of Apollo laurel requires special attention and moderation because in large quantities it is irritating to the skin. The use is also prohibited for pregnant women. Finally, you should always remove the fruit pits, either from the extract or from the oil that you will make, because it is toxic.

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