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Calendula in cosmetics

Calendula, in addition to the fact that it has many therapeutic applications, also happens to be an herb that is considered one of the best cosmetics in nature, with few competitors.

As it is a natural emollient, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory plant, calendula treats redness and skin irritations with immediate results, while protecting the skin. Known mainly for treating a variety of skin conditions, it is considered one of the best herbs for treating rashes, chapped skin, sclerosis and eczema.

Calendula is an herb for all skin types, protects sensitive skin, soothes and moisturizes dry and regulates oily skin while treating acne.

The addition of calendula oil to beeswax gives extra protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as it is a mild natural sunscreen, while it has been proven to help treat and relieve broken blood vessels, and varicose veins.

The regenerative action of calendula, in combination with the deep hydration it offers, makes it ideal for treating skin imperfections, stretch marks, but also for smoothing wrinkles. Calendula gives elasticity to the skin and removes the signs of skin aging, while also offering tissue regeneration.

External use of calendula has no side effects and is ideal for all ages, and all skin types!

Read more about the healing properties of calendula and the nutritional value of calendula!

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