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Rosemary – Rosmarinus Officinalis

Rosemary health benefits

Rosemary is a herb antidepressant and highly antioxidant for our body, ideal for stimulating the nervous and lymphatic system. It detoxifies the vital organs and helps to improve the functioning of the circulatory system. It is thought to have strong anticancer activity, protecting the body from free radicals and from forming cancer cells.

With regard to the digestive system, it speeds up the digestion process (ideal for indigestion) while fighting obesity and fluid retention. It is considered very good for dealing with amenorrhea and for stabilizing the cycle. It is beneficial for menopausal women by reducing the physical and psychological symptoms that accompany this difficult period.

It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic and antibacterial. If used externally, it relieves those suffering from arthropathies, rheumatism and myalgias. It is one of the best healing herbs, providing excellent antisepsis. At the same time, it is one of the few plants that cause great cell renewal, either on injured or on prematurely aged skin.

Great for muscle aches, sciatica, arthritis and flu. It is diuretic, it fights constipation, bile or kidney stones, chronic bronchitis, headaches and hypertension.

Psychologically rosemary helps fight mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, headaches from psychological factors, intense anxiety and depression. While it is better known for its help in memory problems. It is thought to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, individual properties of rosemary are its insect repellent effect, while it is considered an aphrodisiac herb especially for men.

Consumption needs attention from pregnant women and young children, while overconsumption causes nausea like any herb that exceeds normal dosages.

Read more about the nutritional value of rosemary and the cosmetic uses of rosemary!

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