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Spicy Herbs Part 1st

spicy herbs

There are many lovers of spices and herbs, which give a special, spicy touch to their diet. It is therefore worth a tribute to the adventurous of the kitchen, to discover that interest is hidden not only in the taste, but also in the nutritional value of hot spices.

We will not procrastinate by analyzing the origin of herbs, as they mostly come from India, the realm of spices. But we will start by mentioning…

How spicy food benefits the body.

As you may have noticed, the origin of spicy spices is either from very cold or from very hot regions of the world. The reason is not accidental. Spices cause faster blood circulation resulting in in case of hot climate to sweat and cool down, and in case of cold climate to cause circulatory stimulation so that the limbs and the body in general remain warm. This is how the use of spices in cooking began.

As the use spread to the western world, a number of beneficial effects were observed in the organism, already known in the countries that were “discovered”. Some of the beneficial properties of spices are the activation of metabolism, resulting in more fat burning and the fight against fluid retention, as well as anticoagulant action, better blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and stimulating the blood vessels.

The respiratory system also benefits from the use of spicy herbs, as it releases the breath and nasal cavity both on a daily basis and during colds. At the same time, with the sweating caused by the spicy herbs, they reduce the fever.

People who suffer from bloating and indigestion, will see improvement with the use of spices in their diet, while like all herbs, hot spices are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In the second part, we will analyze the most common spices, and mixtures of spices that we use in cooking, and their beneficial contribution to our body, while we will give you tips for their proper use, and the protection of the sensitive digestive system from side effects.

Read about the spicy herbs and spices in the 2nd part!

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