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33 unique herbs and oils for hair

Our hair is the jewel of our face and an important indicator of our physical and mental health. Weak and dull hair can indicate a lack of vitamins or minerals in our body, while premature graying is a sign of inflammation in the body. Many times, of course, dull hair is a harmless indicator that everyday life, pollution and styling products have tired our hair. There are herbs and herbal oils that will make your hair shiny, healthy, elastic and easy to comb!

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Everything about activated charcoal!

activated charcoal

A product of nature that has great interest in its healing and cosmetic properties, is activated charcoal, known since antiquity but also useful in today’s medicine. Let’s find out the truths are and the myths about activated charcoal!

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Herbs against hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that plagues both men and women. The factors that cause hair loss are many: genetic predisposition, hormonal disorder, poor diet, poor sleep quality, lack of vitamins, stress or treatments with strong medication.

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The phases of the Moon in gardening

The moon is an important element from antiquity, based on which, the diferent seasons, sowing, harvest, successful fishing, collection of medicinal herbs and the preparation of medicines were calculated. The phases of the moon were important and its relationship to the tide had been observed since antiquity but was scientifically substantiated by Newton.

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Everything about Bach Flower Remedies

bach remedies

Bach flower remedies are an alternative method of treatment, created by the English homeopath Edward Bach in the early 20th century. As a form of therapy, Bach remedies are an energy therapy according to which by healing a person on a spiritual and emotional level, you can also cure him on a physical level.

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