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Natural Stimulants to avoid caffeine!

Starting to analyze the stimulant herbs that nature offers us, it is good to clarify that these are not instant stimulants or addictive such as caffeine and nicotine, but they contain substances that strengthen and nourish the body. Herbs that contain stimulants, enhance the body’s energy levels, support the good health of the organs and the mental function, while having lasting effects.

Coffee consumption is the established view for immediate stimulation of the body, while research shows that there are potential benefits for the body when consumed in small quantities. The majority of caffeine consumers, however, are not limited to small quantities. The reason is simple, as caffeine is addictive, while overconsumption weakens the body.

People suffering from stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and sensitivity to stimulants should not consume coffee. The same goes for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Overconsumption causes irritability, insomnia, stress and palpitations. Stopping on the other hand, has side effects like drowsiness, headaches and even constipation.

Therefore, the consumption of herbal supplements is extremely beneficial and nutritious in comparison. Herbal stimulants are divided into 3 main categories:

The first category includes adaptogens, herbs that contain substances that help the body “adapt” to daily stress and promote enhanced physical and mental performance and endurance in the long run. These include all types of ginseng, huang qi (astragalus), licorice and rhodiola.

The second category includes central nervous system stimulants, such as coffee. These are cocoa, tea and guarana which contain caffeine and have similar side effects to coffee.

The third category is tonic herbs that provide energy and stimulation in the long run. An important condition is to be able to put them in your daily routine in order to have the desired results. The list is long: coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cayenne pepper, cloves, ginkgo biloba, mint, dandelion, cinnamon, gotu kola, maca, green tea and rosemary are some of the best stimulant herbs and spices.

All the above herbs stimulate the body in the long run, offer cellular vigor, nourish vital organs, improve blood circulation by awakening the body and organs, build a healthy immune system and relax the nerves!

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