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Flax, collection and nutritional value

One of the most famous herbs in Greece, flax, belongs to the family Linaceae and is native to warm European countries. We now find it all over the world and it is cultivated successfully all over Europe.

Depending on the variety, flax is annual or perennial with lanceolate leaves, flexible shoots, brown seeds and blue flowers, while the height can reach 1 meter.

The part of the plant that is useful and particularly beneficial to us, is the seeds, which are collected at the end of summer. Flaxseed should always be used after drying, while it contains many beneficial ingredients for both external and internal use.

Among the many ingredients, flaxseed contains enzymes, glycosides, mucous membranes, omega-3 fatty acids, organic acids, pectins, a large percentage of fatty oil, vitamin F, resin, phosphates and sticky substances. Care should be taken in use as in large doses the seeds are toxic.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of flax and the healing properties of flax!

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