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Chios Mastic collection and nutrients

Chios Mastic, one of the herbs we all know, is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 5 meters in height. To fully grow, the mastic tree needs 40 to 50 years, while it lives over 100 years. Over time, mastic often takes the form of a tree, but in fact belongs to the category of shrubs.

You will find the mastic tree with the common name schinos, which refers to all the species that spread in the Mediterranean basin. Mastic, however, is found only in Chios, while its scientific name in greek is Schinos the mastic bearer. To grow, it needs low altitude and prefers coastal areas.

The fruits of the Chios mastic are small, red and spherical, while the flowering period lasts from March to June. A special feature of the variety of Chios, that the trunk cries and gives us the off-white resin, known to all as mastic. The resin is collected by carving the trunk, without injuring the tree.

Healing properties since ancient times

Mastic is a tree whose healing properties have been known since antiquity, with first references by Dioscorides. The healing properties that Dioscorides gave in antiquity, are confirmed in recent studies in universities in Greece and abroad. Among the nutrients contained in mastic, the powerful antioxidants contained in mastic and the zinc, stand out.

Read more about the healing properties of mastic and the cosmetic uses of mastic!

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