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Lemon cosmetic properties

The uses of lemon at cosmetics

Lemon might not be one of the numerous herbs, but is one of the best fruits for the many useful cosmetic properties. With a minimum time of preparation, it can provide solutions even for problems that afflict us for quite some time!

Applications for facial and corporal treatments are numerous and of course for different results depending on our needs.

You can use lemon juice for:

  • Peeling due to the strong acidity of the juice. With a lemon cut in half make circular movements massaging the face or body depending on your needs.
  • Reduction of acne because of the antiseptic action of lemon. Lotion with lemon juice, disinfects the skin and absorbs inflammation.
  • Whitening lotion for even looking skin. Lemon can take away, not only the annoying freckles caused by sun exposure, but also from acne scars.
  • Oil control, sebum regulation as well as fighting blackheads.
  • Treating dry skin on difficult areas such as elbows and heels.
  • Masks for different needs, such us rejuvenation, nutrition or deep cleaning, with honey or clay.
  • Reduction of wrinkles for mature skins, with meticulous facial moisturizing after application of course!
  • Detoxification of the body and consequently of the skin with lemon juice diluted in warm water with honey.
  • The last hair rinse for treating of itching, dandruff and greasiness, due to the acidity of the ph.
  • Treatment of hair loss in a small scale.
  • Stimulating dull skin.

You can use lemon essential oil for:

  • Handmade soap with antiseptic properties to treat acne on face and body.
  • Relaxing foot baths in combination with tea tree essential oil. It provides relief, disinfects and protects against fungi. Try to add juice to your foot bath!
  • Herbal Shampoo for regulating the greasiness and for shinny hair.
  • Serum for mature skin, it activates microcirculation and helps skin firming.
  • Oil scrub with sugar or salt, as well as massage oil for cellulite treatment

There are of course many traps in the use of lemon as it is very strong and can cause skin sensitivities. So you must keep in mind that like all citrus, especially lemon with high acidity (ph 2), causes photosensitivity, thus may not be used before sun exposure. In fact, for safety it is advisable to use only at night to ensure that you get enough time before exposed to the sun. And of course do not to exaggerate!

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