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Fireweed, Epilobium angustifolium

Fireweed, as mentioned in the collection method, did not belong to the widespread herbs until its beneficial action for the treatment of prostate problems was recognized. It was consumed by many as an addition to salads, while it is an herb extremely widespread in the Greek countryside.

Its actions are several, with the strongest anti-inflammatory, astringent and antibacterial. To a lesser extent, it is tonic, emollient and slightly antioxidant.

Its main beneficial effect is related to the digestive system, as it treats a variety of disorders such as stomach cramps and bloating, while supporting the healthy functioning of the small and large intestine, building a strong and balanced digestive system. It is used successfully to treat irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea, severe forms of dysentery, intestinal spasms, food poisoning and mucosal colitis. It has been used in the past and is indicated for rectal bleeding and chronic but mild bleeding.

Equally beneficial for the urinary tract and the urinary system, it protects and treats bladder infections, cystitis, urinary tract infections, nephritis and urinary incontinence in men and women.

For women it is also helpful in treating menstrual disorders, uterine bleeding and leukorrhea. It is worth noting the rare action of the fireweed in relation to the prostate, as it treats and protects against hyperplasia and inflammation of the prostate. It is also the reason why it became widespread. Ideal consumption of fireweed for the prostate, is in combination with serenoa (saw palmetto).

Epilobium can be used successfully to treat infections of the oral cavity, lesions and sores of the mouth and throat. Rinses relieve gingivitis, swollen gums, stomatitis and pharyngitis.

Additional individual applications are the use for liver disorders, coughs and bronchial infections, without of course having the effects of an herb with stronger actions on these areas.

There are no side effects from consuming the herb, unless there is overconsumption that causes nausea. Women taking hormone therapy, birth control pills or during pregnancy are not allowed to consume, as the fireweed interferes with the hormone progesterone.
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