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Herbal teas – the multiple benefits!

Herbs and spices are an excellent raw material for tasty drinks, teas or tisanes, especially when you’re not a fan of water. Herbal tea has been consumed by all peoples for thousands of years, and it was one of the first medicines used by man. In fact, it is also the mildest way to consume herbs for therapeutic purposes.
The classic teas are already known: Black tea contains the highest percentages of caffeine, while it contains, like all types of tea, flavonoids. You should be careful with the consumption so that it does not cause you overstimulation. White tea, perhaps the mildest, with the least processed, is rich in antioxidants, catechins and tannins that also work to protect the teeth. And of course green tea, also with less caffeine than black and excellent antioxidant action.

Herbal tea or else tisane may contain dried herbs, spices, flowers and fruits. It does not contain caffeine, and therefore the vast majority of combinations offer relaxation. So these, depending on the combinations we can make, offer a multitude of beneficial actions such as:

  • Better concentration, without the need for caffeine, and improved sleep quality!
  • Reduction of inflammation and oxidation of the body, through their anti-inflammatory and calming effect.
  • Important hydration of the body, as many people do not prefer water but other drinks. Of course it does not apply to herbs that have a diuretic effect (with the exception of wild radish).
  • Intake of vitamins and nutrients through consumption of herbal teas.

Apart from the above, tea is a very pleasant way to heal our body, for example to calm an upset stomach, with a pleasant aniseed tea. It is also an economical way, as many of the herbs can be grown or collected by ourselves.

Consuming herbs in the form of a decoction or infusion for therapeutic purposes is also many times better than herbal capsules or tincture. Not just for economic reasons. The tincture and the capsule are stronger means of treatment and there may be side effects, while many times the tincture is prohibited if the treated person cannot or does not want to consume alcohol. Water, the basis of an herbal tea, easily binds minerals, trace elements and the majority of medicinal ingredients, and the body absorbs these ingredients more easily through water!

Several studies already show that many herbs strengthen our immune system, protect the heart system and fight inflammation in our body. Even if the positive effect on our health is not obvious, consistent consumption has a long-term positive impact on our health.

What to avoid

Ready-made teas in powder or Latte form and ready-made carbonated drinks. They have preservatives, sweeteners that load them up to make them enjoyable and addictive and extra calories, lots of carbs and no nutritional value. Many even have the label of a healthy drink, so prefer your raw materials to be clean.

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