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Thyme collection

The well-known thyme is a small perennial herb, up to 30 cm tall. The leaves are small, slender, dark gray-green in color, while the stem is woody. The flowers are white to pink in color and are tiny. It is a herb native to the Greek flora and prefers barren and dry soils.

Its flowering period is quite long and varies from region to region. It starts in spring and ends in autumn. The use of this herb is widespread for its medicinal applications, as well as for its cosmetic, culinary and beekeeping applications.
The most valuable ingredient that thyme generously offers us, is its essential oil, which is distilled from its flowers, while it offers us a wide range of beneficial ingredients, such as saponins, thymol, caffeic acid and linalool.

We collect the flowers and leaves of thyme, but not its shoots as they have no therapeutic, medicinal or cosmetic value.
Read more about the cosmetic uses of thyme and the healing properties of thyme!

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