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Juniper cosmetic uses

The juniper, is considered one of the herbs that have important cosmetic properties that are offered for both men and women. Due to its fragrance, it is preferred by men for use in shower gels, after-shave creams and also in perfumes.

In addition to the pleasant aroma, its use protects against hair loss and the worsening of pre-existing alopecia. The use of essential oil in shampoos or massage oils, strengthens the hair, scalp, moisturizes and protects against dry skin and dandruff. In relation to the hair, juniper also regulates oiliness and cleanses the hair effectively.

Massage oils based on juniper essential oil, are particularly effective in combating cellulite in a natural way. Not only because it helps to control fluid retention, but also because it has heating properties, resulting in local hyperemia. The downside is, as with any natural method, that it requires patience and perseverance in massage.

Juniper offers numerous properties on the skin, with the main one being the relief from the symptoms of many skin diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, chronic diseases and sensitivities, as well as inflammations.

The use of essential oil or tincture in face cream, regulates the excess oiliness in the skin, while at the same time, it effectively treats acne. Due to its high cleaning value, this tree is ideal for cleaning clogged pores.

Care should be taken and its use during pregnancy should be avoided, because it is a uterine stimulant.
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