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Wild Rose, collection and nutritional value

The wild rose is a native and very beautiful climbing rose species. You will find it spread on fences, in wooded areas and in dense vegetation, all over Greece and many parts of Europe. Many times we find it next to the root of a common rose.

Typical are the flowers of the wild rose, which are white or pale pink with five petals, while the fruits are bright red with an oval shape which if we open, we find the seeds which are yellow and very fluffy. The height of the wild rose can reach 3 meters, while the stem is flexible with small thorns and leaves like the common rose.

The wild rose offers the body many and rare vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which we can get from its fruits. Among other things, it is rich in vitamin C and A, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, organic acids, tannins, flavonoids and pigments, while positive is that the fruit has sweet taste.

The wild rose is suitable for collecting flowers and fruit, either for medicinal or cosmetic use. The flowers are collected from May to July, which is the flowering period, while the fruits are collected from late summer to autumn.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of wild rose and the healing properties of wild rose!

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