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Sage and cosmetic properties

Sage skin and hair benefits

Sage is a herb particularly beneficial when used for hair care. The sage infusion strengthens the hair giving shine and volume. Regulates sebum secretion, making it possible to reduce dandruff and reduce oiliness in oily hair. As a hair and skin strengthener, thoroughly cleanses while protecting against hair loss.

It cleanses the skin gently and effectively, while being ideal for acne-prone skin as regulates sebum production without affecting the ph of the skin. Sage is considered ideal for dry and mature skin, reducing wrinkles. In relation with the skin, sage has some other effective uses, as eczema, dermatitis and seborrhea treatment. Generally the use of sage for cleansing the skin, is particularly beneficial. Baths or saunas with sage cleanse the skin thoroughly and gives smoother, whiter appearance.

The consumption of sage infusions, helps against fluid retention and combats the accumulated fat as it is a powerful fat burner. Sage also reduces sweat production and is a very good and healthy deodorant.

As mentioned in the healing properties of sage, special attention is needed in the use and consumption of sage during breastfeeding, due to decreased milk production. Patients with epilepsy must use sage only after doctor approval. Sage consumption is prohibitive during pregnancy as well as from women suffering from cancer in female organs as sage operates as a regulator for the female hormones.

Learn more about the sage nutritional value and the sage healing properties!

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