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Lemon – Citrus Limon

Although lemon is not an herb, it is one of the most unique fruits offered by nature, with the main reason being the high content of vitamin C, B6 & A! But there are many other therapeutic applications for lemon that we will analyze below:

Starting with the most well-known property of lemon, the enhancement of digestion is a feature that we all know. But what else does it offer through the stimulation of digestion? It stimulates the digestive system and disinfects the digestive tract. People with a tendency to obesity will be able to treat the symptoms associated with obesity, such as dysentery, fluid retention and the accumulation of toxins. Be careful not to consume lemon with dairy, while if you suffer from heartburn or stomach ulcers you should avoid consuming lemon.

Spiritually, lemon, either the essential oil in an aromatherapy device, or its juice in tea or in combination with the juice of other fruits such as mandarin, increases concentration, reduces mental fatigue, gives energy, enhances memory, while like all citrus fruits copes with melancholy, depression and psychological indecision.

The boost it offers to the immune system, protects against colds, viruses and bacterial infections and lowers the fever by boosting sweating. It protects against respiratory tract infections. In fact, it has antispasmodic action, which in relation to the respiratory system, relieves from persistent cough, asthma attacks and sore throat, while it relieves congested nose while dealing with irritated sinuses. Regular consumption, of course, contributes significantly due to the high content of vitamin C in lemon.

The antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial action of lemon juice provides many solutions to prevent and treat infections, wounds, abrasions, stings, ulcers and inflammation of the gums, tongue and skin infections. As it is a mild analgesic, after the initial tingling that comes from the acidic nature of the juice, then it offers relief. The aroma of lemon also relieves persistent headaches.

It offers strong detoxification of the blood and kidneys, protecting against kidney stones and cleansing the blood. In fact, lemon is considered ideal for treating poor blood circulation, anemia and hypertension.

An additional important property of lemon is the treatment of varicose veins, broken blood vessels and the stimulation it offers to the veins.

Lemon proves to be one of nature’s most important fruits, preventing the onset of diabetes, giving energy and toning to the body, and additionally protecting against arthritis and rheumatism. It has powerful cleansing agents for both the skin and for cleansing our body, while the most powerful weapon of lemon seems to be the cleansing it offers to the blood, cleansing all the organs of our body.

Read about the nutrients of lemon and the cosmetic uses of lemon!

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