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The 9 unique actions of mulberry

mulberry health benefits

Mulberries are this very sweet fruit of the mulberry, popular in our country, especially useful for the rich shade in the summer months. The most beneficial variety for humans is the black mulberry, which in the past we would find everywhere in Greece.

But today, unfortunately, most of them have been replaced by ornamental mulberries, due to the cleaning required for the space under the shade of mulberry.

The beneficial effects of mulberry on the body are many and important. Due to its high content of plenty of vitamins and minerals, it stands out from other fruits, as a powerful healing tree even better than many herbs.

The first beneficial action I would like to mention is the anti-cancer. It is not only the vitamin C and vitamin A it contains that protect against skin cancer, but the strong antioxidant action of mulberries. Of course antioxidants are the body’s first and most important defense against free radicals. For those who do not know, free radicals destroy the healthy cells of our body, causing them to mutate into cancer cells. The variety of antioxidants in berries, neutralizes free radicals and protect against the formation of cancer cells mainly in the thyroid, colon and small intestine, skin and prostate.

Strengthens the immune system.

For the reasons mentioned above, such as the vitamin C content, mulberries are a natural strong shield for the immune system. They protect against infections, viruses, bacteria, and provides the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in a single serving. Of course, it is not just the vitamin that matters, but all the important minerals and trace elements such as magnesium.

Improves and promotes the health of the digestive system.

Along with the function of the digestive system, of course, it improves metabolism. Like most fruits, mulberries offer a wealth of fiber. Fiber essentially speeds up healthy digestion, reducing complications such as constipation, heartburn, cramps and bloating. Through the proper functioning of the digestive system, the process of losing weight and dealing with fluid retention is easier.

Increases blood circulation and red blood cell production.

The better perspiration in the organs, improves their function, while they are better oxygenated, with important reference to the liver that cleanses and stays healthy. The result is the healthy functioning of all the organs of the body but also the cleansing of the blood. It is worth noting here that berries are a rare natural source of iron, and for this very reason it increases the production of red blood cells but also treats anemia.

Regulates blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol.

The increased blood flow offered by the mulberry, prevents the formation of blood clots, preventing heart attacks and strokes. The ability of berries to regulate both cholesterol and sugar is not yet scientifically proven but the leaves are used successfully in Chinese herbal medicine.

Improves vision.

The mulberry, given the content of vitamin A and the improvement of blood circulation, improves eyesight and night vision. The action of the mulberry against oxidative stress, and the protection of cells, protects against macular degeneration and retinal damage.

Improves bone density.

Of course, due to the vitamin K it contains, in combination with phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium, the bones remain strong, while the ability to regenerate and recover from fractures is improved. Of course, another important effect of adding mulberries to your diet is protection against osteoporosis, osteopenia and arthritis.

Prevents premature aging of the body.

Yes, it is considered such a rich food, that the combination of nutrients as a whole has a positive effect on slowing down the aging of the body and on longevity.

Protects brain function.

Of course, its antioxidant action and the improvement of blood circulation, prevent diseases and brain damage. Improves memory, protects the nervous system, keeps the brain young and alert.

Of course, all of the above is enough to consider the mulberry one of the healthiest foods. It is delicious, sweet and you can consume it plain, with yogurt, in juice or as it satisfies your palate! For therapeutic purposes you will find tincture of leaves or even the fruit, dried berry powder and tea from the leaves.

As with all natural remedies, consumption requires attention from: people suffering from kidney disease, people with very low blood sugar, people who are allergic to berries, and of course not overconsumption.

Read about the cosmetic properties of mulberry and the nutritional value of mulberry!

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