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Lemon Verbena – Lippia Citriodora

Lemon verbena or else lemon beebrush is a unique herb with many healing properties, both physically and mentally, while its cultivation is easy and you can even grow it in a pot.

Spiritually and psychologically, lemon verbena offers relief from stress and insomnia caused by nervous conditions. Its essential oil is used in aromatherapy to treat mild depression and stress. It is a natural sedative with a mild sedative effect.

The main beneficial effect of lemon verbena is concentrated in the digestive and urogenital system. Its diuretic properties protect and treat mild cases of nephrolithiasis. Its use is widespread for the treatment of indigestion and colic of the stomach and intestines. Lemon verbena infusion is excellent digestive and fights heartburn, flatulence and diarrhea, neuralgia and colic of the stomach and intestines.

It is considered an anti-diabetic herb and since ancient times it has been used for all types of pain. Its analgesic action is beneficial for headaches, migraines, nerve pains and sore throats. External use in oil makes it ideal for rheumatic pains, ear pains, eye pains and relieves hemorrhoids.

External use in wounds functions as a hemostatic, so its use in wounds and ulcers is recommended. Lemon verbena is also suitable for use on bruises and edema, significantly reducing the phenomenon.

Gynecologically, lemon verbena protects and relieves the symptoms of vaginitis and is a natural emmenagogue. During breastfeeding, it is lactogenic and is considered a natural aphrodisiac for both sexes.

Whether as an infusion, or as a poultice or oil for external use, lemon verbena is a natural antipyretic. Its infusion also detoxifies the body and is considered a powerful antioxidant and tonic for the body. Garglings of the infusion, fight bad breath.

The use of lemon verbena, like any healing herb, requires attention and moderation. The oil should not be used directly on the skin by people with photosensitivity, because it causes irritation and discoloration. The camphor contained in the plant, in excessive use can cause kidney damage. Due to its emmenagogue action, lemon verbena should not be consumed during pregnancy. People with hypotension should not use lemon verbena because its diuretic effect results in a drop in blood pressure.

Read about the nutritional value of lemon verbena and the cosmetic uses of lemon verbena!

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