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Lemon verbena main characteristics

Lemon verbena is a deciduous perennial shrub that usually does not exceed 1.5 meters in height and belongs to the verbenacea family. It is considered a medicinal and aromatic herb with many uses from cooking to cosmetology.

The leaves are lanceolate, the flowers vary in various colors and are small with a characteristic strong aroma. Beneficial properties are hiden in whole aboveground part of the herb, from the stem and the leaves, to the flowers. It has characteristic leaves of intense green color, with unique flowers like bunches with very small white to rink flowers that bloom at the tops of the branches.

If you want to grow lemon verbena in your garden or in a pot, it is very easy, as it does not need much fertilization or water, while it can live over 30 years creating a compact and strong trunk and branches over time.

Lemon verbena essential oil is found in large quantities mainly in the small leaves of the plant. Lemon beebrush blooms in the summer months which is the ideal time to collect the herb. Its aroma is intense, penetrating and lemony, causing a feeling of rejuvenation and optimism. For this reason it is considered a sedative and antidepressant herb.

Read about the healing properties of lemon verbena but also the important cosmetic properties of lemon verbena!

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