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Get rid of wrinkles with mulberry extract!

Wrinkle softening herbs

Mulberry does not belong to the herbs, but is a tree with a long history and many therapeutic properties which contribute significantly to the health of the skin, with main action, the anti-aging properties.

The mulberry extract, in addition to splendid aroma, offers all its antioxidant effects, protecting skin and hair from free radicals and aging. The addition can be done in lotions, body creams and shampoos, even serums for demanding skins.

The first important effect of using berries in your cosmetics is the immediate appearance of a skin that is healthier and shinier. The reason is that it cleans in depth from dirt the epidermis, facing acne, blackspots and acne scars. It excretes the toxins from the skin, a very distressed organ of our body, and opens the clogged pores. The mulberries are also effective to treat freckles.

Of course the antiaging properties that it offers is just as important. It gives freshness to the epidermis and reduces visible wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Not only for the antioxidant components that mulberries contain, but also for protection against ultraviolet rays that they offer. The use and of course the consumption of berries prolong the youthful appearance of the skin and significantly reduces the wrinkles in the face and eyes, providing deep nourishment and hydration.

The result of the systematic use of mulberry in cosmetics and in your diet, is softness and glow that lasts. We should not forget that when we say anti-aging and nourishment in depth, it means that a herb or plant also offers elasticity to the epidermis, a property that over time and without proper care the epidermis loses.

Mulberry is also ideal for sensitive and very dry skins, as it contains fat-soluble vitamins that deeply hydrate and nourish areas where there is extensive dry skin and peeling. The leaf extract is ideal in addition to salves.

Finally, beneficial for hair, mulberry has the characteristic action to promote faster hair growth, making it extra strong and healthy. If you want your hair to quickly grow long and above all if you want healthy hair, add mulberry extract to your shampoo. Because of the anti-aging effect of mulberry, it also delays the appearance of graying on the hair.

As we mention in the healing properties, consumption needs attention from: people suffering from kidney diseases, people with very low levels of sugar, people who are allergic to berries, and of course not over-consumption.

Read about the healing properties of mulberry and the nutritional value of mulberry!

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