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The fig tree and its fruits in cosmetics

Fig skin benefits

In addition to the many and important therapeutic properties and health benefits of the fig tree, there are some characteristic and important properties offered by its fruit for cosmetic uses.

Due to its antioxidant action, the fig tree is indicated to prevent premature aging of the skin while providing a slight hydration of the skin. The nutritional value of the fig tree, which remains unchanged when dried, has strong effects on nourishing the skin, apart from the nutrition it offers to our body. If you need deep nourishment and skin rejuvenation, the ideal solution is both fig – masks and the systematic consumption of figs for shiny and healthy skin!

The fig is also ideal for burns and swelling. While it has the property of restoring the natural color to the epidermis after illness. The grains of the fig are dried and stored for use in peelings both for face and body, removing dead cells and speeding up the natural renewal of cells.

Finally, something that is not widespread is that figs, just like rosemary, have aphrodisiac properties and improve sex life.

Read more about the healing properties of the fig and the nutritional value of the fig!

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