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Honeysuckle cosmetic uses

Honeysuckle cosmetic uses

Honeysuckle is not an exclusively ornamental plant, but a very useful herb, whose flowers are offered for many therapeutic and cosmetic uses!

The essential oil extracted from the honeysuckle and the extract, are known for the antimicrobial and antiviral properties, and are often used as a natural preservative in cosmetics such as coldcream and lotions.

The softening properties make it ideal for addition to massage oils and the antioxidant action, protects the skin from premature aging and base oil oxidation.

The unique aroma of honeysuckle, is used in many perfumes and aromatherapy devices. It can be successfully added to relaxing baths while it detoxifies the skin! You can add to your bath, essential oil or even fresh flowers.

The water from honeysuckle, as well as the addition of extract of honeysuckle in rose water is a successful choice as it calms acne skin, and disinfect the affected areas on the face and body.

The softening effect of honeysuckle, is also indicated for treatment of eczema, irritations, allergic outbursts and mild sunburn.

Adding honeysuckle in creams is ideal for treatment of fine wrinkles, fight free radicals that contribute to skin aging, reduce freckles, and helps to eliminate toxins.

Beneficial for hair, honeysuckle emollient and moisturizing action makes it ideal for dull, tired hair, damaged from many dyes and styling products. Add just a few drops of essential oil to your shampoo.

Do not ever forget, that the essential oil should always be diluted into base oil, while it is good to be avoided during pregnancy and lactation. When you are going to expose to the sun avoid its use.

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