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Purslane at cosmetics

Purslane cosmetic uses

Especially beneficial for the skin, purslane belongs to the anti-aging herbs, ny reducing wrinkles and protecting against skin aging due to the antioxidant action and the nutrients that it contains. The use of purslane is indicated for mature skin, especially during menopause period, when the skin loses its shine and firmness due to hormonal disorders.

The use of purslane poultice, heals multitude of dermatoses (in some special cases cures the symptoms), such as herpes zoster, psoriasis, dermatitis and folliculitis. The antibacterial action combined with softening and soothing action of purslane, relieves painful wounds and hastens healing.

It is considered a very important herb for skin rejuvenation, whitening and wrinkle reduce, giving bright and vibrant face after use. After studies, Purslane extract can and is already used in lotions, masks and creams with whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging effect!

Purslane can be used by all age groups without side effects in external use, from simple hydration, treatment of acne and freckles, to the most demanding skin.

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