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Mandrake – Mandragora officinalis

Mandrake health benefits

As we mention in the collection of mandrake, this herb is known since ancient times, with use purely external. It’s a great natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory, by using the herb as a poultice or by rubbing the oil on the affected area.

Mandrake has very specific pharmaceutical properties, which are limited because of the strong toxicity of the herb. Normally, mandrake is no longer used, not even externally, due to the risk of poisoning. It has intense hallucinogenic effect, which in large quantities, can cause even schizophrenia symptoms.

Mandrake, has been used for treating inflammation, as a natural analgesic for muscle pains, skeletal, arthritic and rheumatic pains. In the past this herb, has been used to treat skin ulcers, abscesses and generally for skin inflammation and skin conditions.

The use of this herb can only be with a diagnosis and supervision of a physician, and only in special cases.

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