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Sea Buckthorn cosmetic uses

seabockthorn skin benefits

Sea buckthorn is one of the most important herbs, great superfood and important dietary supplement that can be used with multiple benefits for the skin.

As a natural anti-inflammatory, seabuckthorn protects the skin from acne and irritations. It can be used with very good results on sensitive and dry skin, even skin with irritations. At the same time it protects against dryness and softens the skin as a good moisturizer.

The anti-aging effect of Sea buckthorn helps significantly in repair and regeneration of cells and tissues of the epidermis. Its use prevents and smoothes wrinkles, treats blemishes and prevents loosening of the skin. Combined with its antioxidant activity, the sea buckthorn protects against premature aging.

With the daily use of cosmetics with added Sea buckthorn, you will notice a significant improvement of the skin, the hair and nails. It hydrates, protects from aging and infections, so it has all you need!

The sea buckthorn, can be added to shampoo and shower gel, after extraction in water. Beneficial for the skin is the sea buckthorn tea, while the addition of tincture in creams is effective for immediate results.

Consuming the recommended dosage has not presented so far any side effects unless you are allergic to the herb.

Learn more about the healing properties of sea buckthorn and the nutritional value of sea buckthorn!

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