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Mint and its cosmetic uses

Mint health benefits

Mint is a wonderful refreshing and aromatic herb while it is a natural antioxidant herb. Prevents aging of the skin and promotes regeneration of the cells.

In cosmetology it is widespread for its powerful action against acne, itching and sunburn because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, combined with menthol which offers a feeling of coolness to the skin.

Due to its properties, mint is also ideal for oily skin and oily hair. Its cleansing properties make it one of the most effective herbs to eliminate black spots on the face without injuring the face by strong peels.

It also relieves tired feet and is beneficial and soothing when we have varicose veins. The sense of coolness it offers, relieves superficial burns, intense pruritus while stimulating blood circulation, making it also ideal for treating cellulite due to the hypeemia it causes. In addition to lip balm, mint makes the lips look plumper!

Nevertheless, as it is mentioned in the therapeutic properties of mint, special attention should be paid to its use in children and pregnant women.

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