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The pine in cosmetics

Pine, in addition to its many healing properties, has important cosmetic properties for the healthy appearance of our skin and hair! The use is not limited to improving the texture but is considered a very effective slimming and detoxifying herb.

Its sweating action, in combination with the strong perspiration it causes, helps, not only for weight loss but for the effective fight against cellulite. At the same time, it tightens the skin of the body and face.

The baths with essential oil are particularly beneficial while the facial steam baths with pine, whiten and deeply cleanse the skin. Pine oil, in massages, promotes the microcirculation of the blood, fighting cellulite and local fat.

Finally, pine is a powerful hair strengthener, treats hair loss, and strengthens the scalp. The hair is stronger and shinier even if you just rinse your hair with water in which you have extracted pine.

Of course, pine needs attention in its use, as it can irritate the skin, while there are many people who are allergic to this tree. Prolonged use and overdose can cause poisoning. So the use is good to be done in moderation.

Read more about the healing properties of pine and the nutritional value and collection of pine!

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