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The uses of willow herb in cosmetics!

epilobium skin benefits

The willow herb is a herb with many cosmetic applications, as it is softening and soothing. It can be safely used for skin problems in children, locally for skin diseases and cures, And for eye washes, in dry eye conditions, especially by extensive use of contact lenses.

You will find it in many herbal cosmetics as it is a very good cleanser and is used for deep cleansing of skin and hair. At the same time its softening effect does not dry the epidermis, and is also indicated for the treatment of acne.

You can use a poultice of the root for faster healing and relief from burns, eczema, rashes and ulcers.

There are no side effects from using the herb, unless it becomes overused causing nausea. Women receiving hormonal therapy, birth control pills or during pregnancy should never consume willow herb as the herb interferes with the hormone progesterone.

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