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Vine and cosmetics

grape in cosmetics

Grapes are especially popular for their powerful antioxidant, tonic and anti-aging properties. It may not belong to the herbs, but it is a very useful fruit in both therapeutic and cosmetic applications!

Whether in cream or lotion, grapes offer skin elasticity and strong protection against premature aging. It has the property of smoothing the skin from the expression wrinkles or the deep wrinkles resulting from dehydration or aging of the skin.

Great for mature skin

Creams based on grapes or grape seed, are ideal for mature skin, with a tendency for saggy skin, while offering better cellular respiration without weighing down the skin. It can also be used on youthful skin, preventing skin aging, either from natural aging or premature aging caused by environmental factors such as prolonged sun exposure.

The fruit of the vine, offers very good hydration to the skin, radiance and firmness. Along with its excellent anti-aging and moisturizing properties, the grape offers relief from skin diseases and rashes.

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