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Anise for shiny hair and skin!

star anise cosmetic uses

As we mention in the therapeutic properties of anise and nutritional value, anise belongs to the herbs that stand out as it offers many therapeutic and cosmetic properties along with many nutrients.

In relation to the epidermis, anise seed, due to its anethole content, offers detoxification to the skin, leaving the skin shiny and healthy. Mixing essential oil of anise seeds in an oil base, can work wonders on the skin as it is suitable for getting rid of scars and dark spots, effectively treating acne and rebuilding damaged skin. The oil massage offers gentle, clean and shiny skin on face and body!

Take care if you want to use anise essential oil to treat acne, use an oil-free base that does not clog the pores, such as cannabis and sunflower oil.

Beneficial for hair, anise helps significantly in developing new hair but also if you want to grow your hair faster. At the same time, the anise seed oil repairs the damaged edges, protects them from splitting and is ideal for dyed, damaged hair. If you suffer from dandruff and dry skin, anise oil will relieve you as it is antiseptic and antimicrobial, treating skin diseases, balancing Ph and significantly reducing itching.

If you have young children, keep in mind that the anise, along with fragrant geranium, offer protection and treatment from troublesome lice.

More specifically for a woman, because it is a herb with phytoestrogens, anise helps significantly in regulating hormones, reduces period pains, gives shiny and whiter skin. During breastfeeding it will help you increase the flow of milk while giving a nice sweet taste. When you drink aniseed tea during breastfeeding, it is thought that the baby’s colics decrease as it is a very good digestive, reduces bloating and relaxes the nervous system.

Read more about the nutritional value of anise and the health benefits of anise.

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