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Comfrey, collection and nutritional value

comfrey - consuelda

Comfrey is one of the perennial herbs, native to Europe and to all of Greece. It prefers places with humidity and temperate climates, while you will easily find it near water where the soils are fertile.

The leaves of comfey are large, fluffy and green with a soft texture, while the flowers are lilac or pink and look like bells. This herb contains many ingredients, the most important of which are tannin, choline, resin, silicic acid, essential oils, vitamin B and allantoin. The rhizome is also rich in starch, asparagine and mucus.

Useful parts of comfrey

From the comfrey, we collect everything from the root to the flowers, but at the right time. The rhizome is harvested in early spring, before the first shoots are thrown away. Root can also be harvested in the fall. The flowers are collected during the flowering period from May to August, while the leaves are good to be collected before flowering but you can also collect the leaves during flowering too.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of comfrey and the healing properties of comfrey!

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