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Antiseptic herbs

antiseptic herbs

Before referring to antiseptic herbs, it is important to note that an antiseptic herb differs in properties from an antibiotic. Of course, this does not mean that some herbs can not have both antiseptic and antibiotic properties!

An antiseptic herb, contains ingredients that kill microorganisms and bacteria on external surfaces and on our skin. An antibiotic herb, respectively, kills microorganisms in our body.

In short, an antiseptic is applied to a surface, or an open wound or infection to stop the spread of germs and clean up germs in the area. Repetition of course ensures that germs are kept clean in the area being applied.

Here it is worth noting the important difference between antiseptic and antibacterial. The difference is that an antiseptic, chemical or natural, kills microorganisms and viruses. An antibacterial only stops or delays the spread as it acts exclusively against bacteria and not viruses.

Many herbs and their derivatives, such as essential oil, tincture, poultice, decoction and oil, are naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. When we want to avoid chemical antiseptics, the solution of the appropriate herbal antiseptic will loosen your hands.

Thyme is the most suitable herb with strong antiseptic and antibacterial action, due to its strong essential oil, thymol. Thyme essential oil is not used as it is on the skin. It can be dissolved in oil or even better in sterile water. By using it in a bottle or spray, you can remove dirt from your hands and surfaces at any time. Of course, frequent repetitions are needed, as well as the essential oil should be added in a larger proportion to the sterile water so that the action is not “lost”.

Antiseptic and antibiotic action, has the wonderful oregano with also very strong essential oil, grapefruit seed extract kills germs and is antiseptic as well as witch hazel extract.

Use the cinnamon essential oil and clove essential oil to disinfect your areas with a wonderful aroma, and the tea tree essential oil as it is on the skin for antiseptic topically and in a water solution for disinfection!

Although they are natural antiseptics, herbal products need careful use. They must be used carefully so as not to irritate the skin, and it all depends on how it is used and the frequency, in order to have results, as long as we do not overdo it. So we choose the one that suits us best!

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