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Basil – Ocimum Basilicum

Basil health benefits

Basil, in addition to its wonderful aroma and its use in cooking, has many healing properties for both the body and the spirit. Its healing properties are mainly found in its essential oil.

The basil is anticonvulsive and antiseptic, making it ideal for gastrointestinal problems. Its antiseptic action is also effective in cases of bad breath, stomatitis, eczemas and herpes. Basil is also antifungal.

Basil infusion is very digestible, tonic for tired organisms and diuretic. It is considered to favor milk production for mothers during breastfeeding.

The basil stimulates blood circulation, making it ideal for colds, sinusitis and viruses. It helps in cases of headaches, nausea and nervous migraine. Beneficial is also the basil in cases of phlebitis and gout. Because of the hyperaemia it causes, It is an excellent diaphoretic while, relieves sore muscles. The essential oil of basil, has strong expectorant properties, helping in cases of bronchitis or in severe colds and as an infusion but also in an aromatherapy device in inhalations and in rubs.

Another property of the basil is its insect repellent action either fresh in a pot or using its essential oil. While its antiseptic effect is effective in insect bites.

Psychologically, the essential oil of the basil fights depression, relaxes and calms. It is particularly tonic for both the body and the spirit, while relieving stress. It increases the concentration and function of memory while it is ideal in cases of mental fatigue. Basil oil is perfect for stimulating and anxiolytic massage.

Like many herbs, despite its beneficial properties, it needs special attention during pregnancy.

Learn more about the cosmetic properties of basil and the nutritional value of basil!

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