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Calendula, collection and nutritional value

calendula nutritional value

Calendula is one of the most beautiful herbs, annual, which is grown mainly in the Mediterranean and is native to Greece.

Its flowers are yellow or orange with a relatively unpleasant odor, while its stem is fluffy. You will find the calendula with many names, such as marigold, mary bud or pot marigold.

Main ingredients of calendula

The many therapeutic and cosmetic properties that characterize calendula are due to the ingredients it contains. The main ones are flavonoids, saponins, silicon, carotene, essential oil, resin, bitter substance, calcium and vitamin C.

The part of the plant that is collected is the flower, while we must keep in mind that after drying, the calendula loses its most important properties. Consolation of course is that calendula is in bloom for about six months, from April to October, when it is easy to find and use fresh to prepare flower water, tincture, oil or extract essential oil.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of calendula and the healing properties of calendula!

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