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Cinnamon in our cosmetics

cinnamon skin and hair benefits

Cinnamon is one of the very special and unique herbs for body, face and hair care! The applications are many more than you can imagine, while the powder, the essential oil and the tincture of cinnamon can be used with great results!

Its most widespread quality is the hyperemia that causes the epidermis to fight local fat and cellulite. The addition of essential oil to an oil base is ideal for therapeutic massage, causing hyperemia locally. The powder can also be added to a very simple body-mask, clay and oil recipe, leaving the skin soft and free from dead cells.

Cinnamon helps significantly to maintain the contour of the face, keeping it tense! The microcirculation generated by its warming action, stimulates the skin, and stimulates the production of collagen. For the same reason, it is ideal for treating wrinkles and it’s a useful antiaging herb.

Its anti-inflammatory effect in combination with the antiseptic actiion, treats acne, local pimples and cleanses deeply the skin. A simple recipe is a mask with cinnamon powder and honey or lemon with cinnamon powder for facial or body peeling depending on the area you want to restore.

The use of cinnamon helps significantly in dealing with dryness and redness. Try scrubbing your chipped heels with cinnamon oil and cinnamon powder and then rinse thoroughly so you do not slip. The results are spectacular!

Another beautiful secret that is hidden in the essential oil of cinnamon is that adding a single drop to your lip gloss gives you more full lips! The hyperemia that cinnamon causes, gives a unique result!

Finally, it is useful for our hair because by causing hyperemia, promotes hair growth and fights hair loss. Adding to the shampoo, effectively cleanses the hair and skin, while mixing the powder with the hair conditioner gradually opens the natural color!

Its essential oil is very strong and should not be used directly on the skin. The use of cinnamon as a medicine or cosmetic requires special attention in cases of renal insufficiency. It should also not be used by women during pregnancy. Due to the very strong essential oil of cinnamon, it also requires attention from people with sensitive skin. Finally, people who suffer from liver disease should not use cinnamon.

Read more about the cinnamon curative properties and the types and ways of collecting cinnamon!

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