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Huáng Qí – Astragalus membranaceus

Huang qi, a herb that is widely used and loved for its healing properties, among the herbs of traditional Chinese medicine, is constantly gaining ground in Western culture, as its beneficial properties are scientifically recognized.

Its main use in Chinese medicine is as an adaptogen, which automatically means that it significantly stimulates the immune system and is a strong protection against viruses. As an adaptogen, its action has long-term effects on stimulating the immune system, while studies prove its positive effect in people with weakened immune systems, especially after chemotherapy, as it protects and reduces side effects, while increasing the body’s defenses.

It can be especially useful for shielding the body and preventing colds. It is considered to significantly strengthen and protect against infections of the respiratory system, especially the upper, as it is one of the main uses in Chinese herbal medicine. Systematic huang qi consumption treats asthma.

Huang qi significantly stimulates the cardiovascular system, while protecting the liver from infections. As a natural vasodilator, it improves blood circulation, treats hypertension and is considered beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. It is often recommended for the treatment of anemia, while healing and strengthening the spleen.

In relation to the digestive and urinary system, the huang qi is an effective diuretic and laxative, while strengthening the digestive system. It is consumed to treat anorexia and acts beneficially for the proper and rapid healing of stomach ulcers and treatment of kidney infections.

Its external use treats persistent purulent ulcers, a property that also has internal consumption, as it is considered to eliminate pus from the body.

Spiritually and energetically, huang qi is considered ideal for treating lethargy, permanent fatigue, weakness as a natural tonic. It offers vitality and extra stamina, while it is worth mentioning that regular consumption helps to treat multiple allergies, Alzheimer’s and night sweats. At the same time, based on Chinese medicine, it protects and enhances energy levels.

Its use should not exceed 12gr per day, while it works well with ginseng for significant toning of the body and increase of endurance. It is consumed both in drink, dissolved in water, and even in food.

However, due to its powerful therapeutic action, huang qi or astragalus, has several side effects that require attention and doctor advice. It should not be consumed by people with serious skin conditions without medical advice, as well as by people taking anticoagulants. Consumption should not exceed the recommended dosages, while women during breastfeeding or pregnancy should definitely consult a specialist.

The significant stimulation it provides to the immune system can cause a transplant to be rejected, when a transplant has been performed in a short period of time.

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