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activated charcoal

A product of nature that has great interest in its healing and cosmetic properties, is activated charcoal, known since antiquity but also useful in today’s medicine. Let’s find out the truths are and the myths about activated charcoal!

Activated charcoal has the ability to trap chemicals and toxins, preventing them from being absorbed by the body. For this reason it is used in case of poisoning by specific toxic ingredients, for therapeutic purposes but also with many cosmetic uses. Of course many uses of activated charcoal are not scientifically proven but empirically confirmed.

It is a very fine, odorless black powder. It is caused by overheating of natural carbon sources such as wood, sawdust, peat and coconut husk, and has nothing to do with the toxicity of charcoal.

Activated charcoal is binding to toxic substances, metals and chemicals, due to its strong absorbency, but it cannot be absorbed by our body. As a result, it imprisons toxins that are excreted by the body along with activated charcoal, leaving our body clean.

Therapeutic uses

Activated charcoal is taken orally for treating poisoning, preventing diarrhea by drugs administered to treat cancer, reduce phosphatase, during dialysis periods, and treat gestational cholestasis (bile flow problems during pregnancy). External use is curative for faster healing of wounds and persistent ulcers without leaving scars.

The above data are scientifically proven and are used in medicine today.

Additional therapeutic uses that we will find but are not fully documented are:

Lowering blood cholesterol, as studies so far show a significant reduction in bad cholesterol and an increase in good cholesterol within a month.

The treatment of flatulence, ie the reduction of intestinal gases. The study is still in infancy, showing that activated charcoal may be able to neutralize gases by treating flatulence.

The detoxification of the body from heavy metals. Since it has the ability to absorb some substances, in the same way it can bind heavy metals in our body and eliminate them. Detoxification also contributes to the significant reduction of the aging of our body and skin.

Use to relieve insect bites and especially with poison that create persistent and painful infections. An activated charcoal paste relieves immediately and effectively.

Of course, the myth is that activated charcoal can prevent hangover. It can imprison several toxins, but it doesn’t work well with alcohol, although some argue that it can significantly reduce hangover. People who consume activated charcoal after drinking alcohol may be more likely to feel it due to the absorption of other toxins.

Activated charcoal cannot absorb alcohol, lithium, petroleum products, paint solvents, some cleaning products, caustic soda.

Everyday use

Water purification. You will find activated carbon in many household filters. It has the ability to absorb a wide range of toxins, drugs, bacteria, fungi and chemicals that pass into water through pipes, poor maintenance or poor water quality.

Air purification. You will also find activated charcoal for cleaning the atmosphere of microparticles and chemicals. It protects against allergies caused by dust mites and dust and absorbs the odors.

Mold cleaning. Mold is dangerous. In fact, it is toxic and can cause a variety of diseases, from depression to respiratory problems. Along with activated carbon for adequate mold cleaning, you can try soda, apple cider vinegar, borax and of course tea tree essential oil for complete disinfection.

Cosmetic applications

Natural deodorant. Activated charcoal, as mentioned above, absorbs odors and acts as a very good deodorant for feet and armpits.

Deep cleansing and detoxification mask. You can make activated charcoal masks in combination with clay of your choice. It absorbs and imprisons pollutants, toxins, dust, bacteria from the deeper layers of the skin, releasing clogged pores. Leaves skin visibly clean, soft and ready for proper hydration.

Acne treatment. The antibacterial action of activated charcoal in combination with the regenerative action of aloe works wonders on a acne prone skin. You can create your own mask with aloe and activated carbon and use 2 times a week.

Natural teeth whitening. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins and stains from the tooth surface. Of course, it requires care not to injure the enamel, so once a month you can brush your teeth with activated carbon for natural whitening, but with your fingers and not with a hard toothbrush. At the same time it cleanses the tongue and eliminates toxins from the oral cavity. Leave for 3 minutes and rinse well.


Activated charcoal is a means of significantly detoxifying and eliminating harmful bacteria. Studies even show that it has the ability to “separate” the bad bacteria from the beneficial ones for our body, without leaving the intestinal flora exposed. Of course, this does not mean that we can consume activated carbon recklessly or take probiotics at the same tome without a doctor’s supervision.

Prefer quality activated carbon for internal use but also for cosmetic use.


Pregnancy and lactation: activated charcoal is considered safe to use for a short time but it is important to first consult your personal physician during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Do not consume activated charcoal if you suffer from dysentery and never consume activated charcoal while taking medication, as it reduces the effect of the drug. If you consider it necessary to use activated charcoal, consume it at least one hour after taking a medicine or dietary supplement so that it has been absorbed by the body.

When taking activated charcoal by mouth, it is important to drink plenty of water, from 2 liters and up.

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