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Everything about Bach Flower Remedies

bach remedies

Bach flower remedies are an alternative method of treatment, created by the English homeopath Edward Bach in the early 20th century. As a form of therapy, Bach remedies are an energy therapy according to which by healing a person on a spiritual and emotional level, you can also cure him on a physical level.

This refers to changes in habits or way of thinking that, according to the therapeutic approach, will change with each treatment option.

Flower remedies are simple extracts of different herbs in water under sunlight, where they are activated energetically, and then dissolved in alcohol (to be exact brandy) in equal parts. This is the basic extract (mother tincture).

To date, Bach flower remedies have not been shown in studies to have truly healing properties. Although it seems to be a placebo, the theory is that when there is psychological and emotional balance, there is also physical strength.

There are many flower remedies, each for a different emotional or psychological state. While the flower remedies system is relatively simple. Which we will mention below.

Consumption is also easy, as there is actually no overdose or side effects but it is good if you decide to use Bach flower remedies, to follow the rule.

An easy way to consume is to add to 1 glass of water 2 to 4 drops of flower remedies of your choice, and take sips from the glass as many times a day as you feel the need, but not less than 4 times a day. Prefer to have the glass in the fridge or choose a good glass bottle.

Another easy method is to use it directly in the language. You can drop 4 drops of the flower essences of your choice directly under the tongue, 4 times a day. While you can combine up to 7 different flower essences.

The philosophy behind Bach remedies is interesting as Bach believed that every disease was the result of a person’s soul colliding with his actions. The result of this conflict is negative emotions and blocking the flow of energy. He started the creation of flower essences, based on the energy emitted by plants, purely intuitively.

Which are flower essences:

Agrimony – spiritual pain hidden behind apparent happiness.
Aspen – Unspecified phobias and bad feelings, fear of the unknown
Aster – Nervous laughter, hyperactivity, distraction
Beech – Critical mood, intransigence
Beardtongue – Procrastination, poor sense of time, lack of discipline
Chicory – Possession, emotional blackmail
Crab Apple – Permanent feeling of impurity, obsession with detail, self-hatred
Centaury – inability to say “no”
Chestnut bud – failure to learn from one’s mistakes, lack of observation
Cerato – lack of confidence in our personal decisions, need for confirmation
Cherry Plum – Fear that someone will lose control or reason
Clematis – Daydreaming, difficulty concentrating
Elm – feeling of excessive demands
Ficus – Identity crisis, grief over loss
Gardenia – Simplicity, illusions of grandeur, obsession with truth
Gentian – Discouragement, defeat
Gorse – Despair, despair
Heather – Egocentrism
Hornbeam – Mental exhaustion
Helianthus – Inability to orient, poor balance
– Bipolarity, suicidal tendencies
Herbal Luisa – Eating Disorders, Problems with Appearance
Holly – Negativity, jealousy, envy, revenge, anger, suspicion
Honeysuckle – nostalgia – to live in the past
Impatiens – Impatience, great inner intensity
Jasmine – Schizophrenic feelings, melancholy
Larch – lack of confidence
Mimulus – Fear of specific known things – animals, height, disease etc.
Mustard – Periodic depression for no particular reason
Nettle – Hypochondriac tendencies, ideology
Oak – For people who exceed the limits of their endurance
Olive – exhaustion from spiritual or mental effort.
Passiflora – Chronic algae, painful memories, psychosomatic pathologies
Paw-paw – Pursuit mania, paranoia
Pellitory-of-the-wall – Feeling of superiority, coldness
Phlox – Excessive self-confidence, ignorance of dangers, arrogance
Pine – Feeling guilty
Polemonium – Revenge, aggression, mood for fights
Queen Anne’s lace – Palimpsest, immature behavior, irresponsibility
Red Chestnut – Excessive concern for loved ones
Rock Rose – Terror, intense fear, panic
Rock Water – Mental rigidity, pursuit of perfection, self-oppression
Rue – Postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder
Semen – Indecision, mood swings
Scleranthus – Sluggishness, laziness, sluggishness inability to choose
Star of Bethlehem – For any case of mental or physical shock
Sweet Chestnut – Deepest inner pain, despair
Tilia – Lack of empathy, inability to communicate and connect
Vervain – Excessive excitement, intensity
Vetch – Irritability, emotional instability
Vine – Sovereignty, authoritarianism intransigence
Vinca – Chronic insomnia, inability to relax, nervousness
Water Violet – Pride that leads to isolation
White Chestnut – Unwanted thoughts and mental controversies
Walnut – protection against changes and unwanted influences
Wild Oat – Lack of goals and purpose in life
Wild Rose – Lack of interest, resignation, lack of motivation
Willow – Bitterness, self-pity and repentance
Wisteria – Apathy

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