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Everything about Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is one of the most talked about superfoods for its great nutritional value. It arises from the fresh sprouts of common wheat (Triticum aestivum) while it is a food rich in chlorophyll and more than 50 nutrients for our body. Some of the most important quantitative vitamins contained in wheatgrass are A, C, E, K, B12, amino acids, enzymes and proteins, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Wheatgrass is recognized for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, as well as for supporting the regeneration of healthy cells. But let us look in more detail at the basic properties that are given to it.

protects the body from free radicals and environmental pollution, and consequently protects against the formation of cancer cells, strengthens the immune system and promotes the creation of new healthy cells in our body. The chlorophyll contained in wheatgrass, offers oxygenation to our body, regenerating tissues and blood. As an excellent antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals and prevents cell damage and oxidative stress, protecting against cardiovascular disease, cancer cell formation and neurodegenerative diseases.

It is an
excellent detoxifier, cleansing the body of heavy metals. Its use in detox diets is important for this very reason. Through detoxification it treats constipation and cleanses the kidneys, liver and bile. It is also considered to contribute to weight loss and the treatment of obesity, regulating metabolism but also through the detoxification it offers.

Beneficial for the skin, wheatgrass has an excellent effect on relieving the symptoms of psoriasis, while effectively treating eczema, acne, fungal infections and dandruff. In fact, it works as an excellent deodorant.

Keeps the heart healthy, brain function at normal levels and protects against anemia, cholesterol and hypertension! All this of course due to the strengthening of the circulatory system but also the natural source of iron that is! The juice seems to lower bad cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides.

Treats inflammation, internally and externally! Persistent wounds that do not close, chronic inflammation of the intestine such as ulcerative colitis, stomach disorders, diarrhea, vaginal infections due to chlorophyll are treated with great success.

Individual properties that have been attributed to wheatgrass are: the treatment of varicose veins, the protection of teeth and gums, the improvement of digestion and the symptomatic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

While there is much evidence to support the above properties of wheatgrass, more research is needed so that it can be used for a specific treatment rather than as a dietary supplement. As with all dietary supplements and alternative medicines, talk to your personal doctor before consuming. It is generally considered safe and contains no gluten. If you feel nauseous or have any side effects, headache or diarrhea after eating, do not eat wheatgrass again because you will obviously have intolerance.

The taste of wheatgrass is intense and reminiscent of grass. Try to consume it in juices and smoothies with fruits or vegetables with an equally intense taste like pineapple, in milk, in yogurt with honey. You can alternatively not consume wheatgrass powder or juice, but get it in capsule form, where the taste is not manifested.

Get wheatgrass from certified companies. Alternatively you can grow wheatgrass sprouts for personal use. The powder is consumed in a ratio of 1 tablespoon for a large glass of juice, smoothie, a salad or a vegetable soup.

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