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Herbs for refreshing and delicious decoctions!

The tastiest and most refreshing summer drinks are usually made of simple ingredients! The herbs that are in our kitchen many times are enough. But what is the secret of the right choice?

We have all associated summer with the pre-eminent summer drink, lemonade. It can be concentrated, with sugar with stevia or with honey, while it can of course be dissolved in carbonated water. Lemon, therefore, due to its characteristic cool taste, holds the lead in summer pleasures.

It is this feeling that makes lemon verbena one of the favorite iced drinks of the summer. The name is not a coincidence due to the lemony taste. In fact, lemon verbena offers other very positive features, such as that it does not need the addition of sugar, while it is considered an important natural fat dissolver!

In the same cool category, lemongrass, lemonthyme and melissa are classified with the characteristic wonderful aroma! Of course we can not leave out the refreshing herbs mint and peppermint, where they do not just have a wonderful aroma but leave a feeling of coolness that lasts in the mouth!

If you want something really special, or you want a more floral taste, try making lavender tea with melissa, it will leave you with an unforgettable taste! Other great combinations are hibiscus with mint, ginger with peppermint and one of the most favorite flavors, licorice with mint and basil! Licorice has the property of giving a sweet taste with the result that sweeteners are unnecessary!

Aromatic and refreshing is the tea with rose, while the chrysanthemum gives a wonderful orange hue and sweet taste. For simple pleasures, try the mountain tea with a few slices of orange and honey, it has a refreshing and wonderful taste!

How to make your summer drink: for every liter of water, add a handful of herbs of your choice, place the jug in the fridge overnight and strain in the morning. No need to boil or add these herbs in hot water! Their aroma and taste are diffused in the water! Add lemon slices or herbal flowers for decoration, while prefer stevia, licorice, cinnamon or honey to sweeten it instead of sugar!

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