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Hops – Humulus Lupulus

hops medicinal uses

Hops, one of the herbs with a beautiful appearance but demanding growing conditions, and especially known for its use in brewing, is offered for many uses, mainly related to the psychological and mental wellbeing.

On a psychological and spiritual level, the use of hops helps a lot in the treatment of insomnia, and the regulation of the functioning of the nervous system. It is a very relaxing and anxiolytic herb and its use is also indicated as a natural sedative in panic situations, intense stress and nervousness attacks.

During menopause, whenever these symptoms intensify, hops can be very beneficial. Regarding insomnia, it is good to know that hops work as a natural hypnotic, so the use should be made before going to bed and not hours that we have to work or drive. Also, as an intensely relaxing plant and sedative, it should not be used by people suffering from depression of any kind.

In addition to the sedative properties of hops, it also has antispasmodic properties that help treat many forms of asthma. Contains substances with antibiotic and antiseptic action, thus protecting against skin infections and internal infections. It is also suitable for treating chronic skin problems and ulcers.

For the digestive system, it is suitable for the natural treatment of intestinal problems, for the fight against anorexia as a natural appetizer, but also in cases of indigestion as a digestive, while the use of the leaves promotes diuresis.

Finally, hops have estrogenic properties, as a result of which it works beneficially for the female body, to help regulate the cycle, in cases of dysmenorrhea and during menopause. At the same time, it stimulates and promotes the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Hops do not contain special cosmetic properties, except that it helps to eliminate skin problems, and that it is preferred to be used in men’s perfumes.

The use of hops by people suffering from depression, as well as the use of the plant during the day due to its hypnotic effect and the use of its fresh leaf, need to be careful, because it can cause dermatitis.
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