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Horsetail – Equisetum arvense

Horsetail health benefits

The horsetail herb is unique, from the multiplication and form, to the many therapeutic properties that it has. Horsetail overcomes many herbs in the healing properties and nutrient content for the body, but in addition there are many side effects that you must keep in mind before use.

The 8 therapeutic qualities for horsetail:

1 Starting from the most important property of the horsetail, it protects and maintains healthy kidneys and prostate. It is a very good diuretic, wherein the combined antiflammatory and astrigent action, makes it ideal to protect the kidneys from infections, colic, kidney stones, cystitis, urinary tract infections, blood in urine. It has been proven to be beneficial for health protection in cases of prostate hyperplasia and prostate inflammation.While through diuresis, it reduces uric acid levels, contributing factor in creating kidney stones and renal insufficiency.

2 The second equally important property is the protection of the lungs, as it is used to repair the lungs from severe damage. Respiratory problems, chronic bronchitis, smokers who have tired their lungs, frequent colds and dry or productive cough, find a solution to the tea of horsetail, as it is emollient, expectorant, and restores the injured tissues. The same applies for sore throat.

3 The content of the silicon, calcium and many metals, protects the bones and joints, from osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. At the same time it helps in proper recovery from injuries and fractures as silicon allows the body to store additional calcium, thereby maintaining bone density and integrity and promoting collagen production.

4 Natural anticancer, horsetail significantly strengthens the immune system, and the antioxidants containing, appear to have important effects against free radicals. Antioxidants containing a herb, hinder free radicals to mutate healthy cells to cancerous. Studies on antitumor activity of horsetail continuie. The immune system is adequately protected, as horsetail has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiflammatory action, acting as a shield to viruses and germs.

5 Improves memory significantly, thanks again to the antioxidant action. It boosts brain function during periods of intense intellectual work. The reason of course for these properties are not only the antioxidants that it contains, but the silicon and nicotine contained in the plant which is stimulating the brain function. Even property herb studied to protect against Alzheimer and dementia in time. Further studies take place, for the ability of the herb to protect from Alzheimer and dementia.

6 Regulates hormones, and helps normalize menstruation. Women suffering from irregular cycle and excessive blood loss, can begin to drink horsetail tea. The horsetail consumption helps considerably in metabolism and hormones during menopause.

7 Relieves inflammation and swelling due to the antiinflammatory and analgesic action. If you are suffering from muscle and bone injuries, abrasions, even arthritis, you will see immediate relief. In fact, combining the antiseptic and hemostatic effect, horsetail is ideal for quick healing of wounds, skin irritations, chilblains, chapped skin. It offers relief and treats hemorrhoids. As a mouthwash, horsetail relieves infections of the oral cavity such as swollen gums, gingivitis and ulcers.

8 Because of its detoxifying action, horsetail eliminates toxins through diuresis, while it enhaces the metabolism and treats fluid retention. This combination, contributes significantly to weight loss and maintenance of weight to normal levels.

Isolated properties of horsetail are the treatment of weakness and lowering the blood sugar levels. As the use of more than two months without consulting a doctor is not safe, we do not recommend the use of horsetail for glucose control. Researches are still conducted, for the contribution of horsetail in the elimination of accumulated lead in the blood.

However, particular caution must be taken, as is a unique herb – drug, so there are several side effects that should not be defied!

People with lack of B complex vitamins, people with alcohol addiction may not drink horsetail. People taking diuretics, are at risk of dehydration and hypokalemia due to the strong diuretic action of the plant.
Women during lactation and pregnancy, as well as children under 6 years old, should not consume polykompi due to nicotine yield.
Finally, horsetail should not be consumed for more than two months consecutive, while it is important to consult a doctor before using a herb with such great healing properties!

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