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Aloe – Aloe Vera

Aloe belongs to the herbs with a wide range of healing properties in both external and internal use. Its juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids and trace elements.

The strong anti-inflammatory action of aloe, makes it ideal in cases of skin irritation, inflammation and burns. Especially in cases of burns, the systematic use of aloe helps in the regeneration of the skin tissues, without leaving scars during the restoration of the affected area. The same is true in cases of injury, where in combination with the antibacterial, antiseptic and antibiotic properties of aloe, the wound is protected and at the same time heals faster.

The salicylic acid contained in aloe, acts as a natural painkiller, so it is indicated in cases of stomach pain, colic, headache and hemorrhoids.

In the psychological and spiritual sphere, aloe also has a beneficial effect. Its juice acts as a mild sedative, anxiolytic, stimulates memory and brain function, while it can be used as a mild hypnotic due to its sedative action. It also favors the better functioning of the nervous system, and helps in better concentration and balance.

The use of aloe against gingivitis and its symptoms, such as bleeding, is already quite widespread and effective. In general, aloe is ideal for treating various diseases of the oral cavity, such as cold sores, sores on the gums and tongue and periodontitis.

Beneficial for the digestive system, aloe is effective in treating constipation, acts as a natural mild laxative and is ideal for natural detoxification of the body and even organs such as the liver and the intestines. Its juice is also emollient and soothing in cases of indigestion or heartburn.

Due to its high content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, aloe becomes beneficial for the cardiovascular system but also for the musculoskeletal system. Its juice cleanses the blood, renews blood cells and helps in cases of anemia. It strengthens the immune system, while at the same time it works as a natural antibiotic and relieves the symptoms of allergies. It also improves tissue function and strengthens the muscular system.

Aloe juice is an ideal drink for athletes who want to improve their performance or who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries and injuries. People suffering from arthritis can use it both externally in the affected areas and internally as a natural source of vitamins and calcium. Due to its soothing and antibiotic action, aloe is also useful in cases of asthma and bronchitis, as well as mild respiratory problems.

But like any plant, aloe needs special attention depending on the use. When taking aloe as a laxative, no other preparation or food should be used for the same effect. It is also best not to use aloe on a wound during bleeding. Finally, when used for therapeutic purposes, it should always be done with a doctor’s prescription and supervision.

Read more about the proper use of aloe, the nutritional value of aloe and the cosmetic uses of aloe!

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