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Kiwi best cosmetic uses!

Kiwi cosmetic uses

This summer fruit, despite its beautiful appearance, is not a favorite fruit of many people due mainly to the seeds it contains, but its nutritional value makes it one of the best fruits for the care of our skin and hair!

With a high content of vitamins C, E, fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals, kiwi offers plenty of important benefits for our body and face, either as food or in external use.

Systematic consumption is, of course, more effective than external use, but this choice is up to you! We will list all the beneficial properties of kiwi on skin and hair:

• Captures natural moisture and nourishes deep skin and hair, offering uniformity and softness. Of course this hydrates dehydrated hair from styling products and exposure to sun, air and dirt.

• The antioxidants it contains greatly combat dark circles, better than orange!

• Gives shine and vitality to dull and tired skin. Try on face and body! The dull skin is not age-dependent, but depends on fatigue levels, nutrition, blood circulation and other reasons, where kiwi contributes significantly to the proper functioning of the body and provides energy.

• It is a powerful anti-aging agent combating thin wrinkles, premature aging, and stimulating cell renewal.

• Offers tight and firm skin! A kiwi mask gives immediate results after application.

• Adjusts greasyness by reducing gloss on the skin and helping to reduce acne.

• Consumption of kiwi strengthens hair and it is thought to contribute to the treatment of hair loss.

• Consumption delays the appearance of white hair and, of course, hair aging.

• Lastly, it acts as a softener in cases of skin diseases, enhances the skin’s defense against infections and prevents irreparable damage caused by exposure to the sun.

You will find kiwi in all markets mainly in the summer months, while if kiwi is unpleasant to taste, add it to nutritious smoothies, yogurt, juices, cereals. You can use it as a face or body mask, shuffle it with clay and other fruit pulp, and of course you can find kiwi oil and extract for cosmetic uses! Beware of the seeds that are often irritating to the epidermis.

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