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Herbs against prostate

Best herbs for prostate

As we mentioned in other articles, herbal remedies offer plenty of beneficial effects against illnesses, prevention and overall health. Another protective action we find in herbs is prevention of prostate hyperplasia.

Of course, herbs must always be taken with the consent of the supervising physician, especially in cases where medication is already underway. It is important to emphasize at this point that most prostate herbs contain hormones which in a medication will cause side effects as they interact with the chemical composition of the drugs.

What is the prostate: the prostate is part of the male reproductive system and is a walnut-shaped gland located around the urethra and under the bladder. Over time, it tends to grow, while the tendency to swell to a great extent results in the disease, called prostatic hyperplasia. The effect is to prevent normal urination, creating symptoms that need to be addressed, both for everyday life and for overall health.

Herbs and supplements for protection and treatment:

One of the best remedies for protecting against prostate enlargement is bee products, as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidants. Propolis tincture and bee pollen are important for prevention as well as overall health!

Of course, saw palmetto, prevents swelling of the prostate while relieving the annoying symptoms. Its use is postoperative but also preventative. While also helps the pygeum (pygeum Africanum) as it increases urine flow, reducing visits to the toilet.

The same applies to nettle infusion, which with a little honey can be made a little easier to consume. As bad as it may be the taste, it significantly improves the health of the prostate while offering vitamins minerals and trace minerals that are lost by diuresis. Watermelon also gives us energy and vitamins, without offering anything extra to prevent prostate.

In order to prevent hyperplasia, arbutus berries are ideal which are of course, included in wild berries. As well as berries, bilberry, aronia, blackberries, pomegranate. The juice, gives energy, is diuretic, increasing urine production, the berries have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties protecting against prostate complications.

Use for faster recovery postoperatively lamium, while consuming willow herb prevents prostate problems.

Herbs with hormone-regulating action such as marjoram, sage, alchemilla, wicker, reduce testosterone production, resulting in shrinkage of the gland. But as mentioned above, hormone-regulating herbs definitely need the doctor’s consent while having side effects.

Nutritionally you can also help prevent prostate enlargement. Add magnesium to your diet and C & D vitamins, while avoiding smoking and alcohol really helps. Eat dry fruits of all kinds, without leaving outside your diet, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Negative to the above therapeutic herbs is that studies are still in infancy to have proven clinical trials, while the positive thing is that all of these herbs, except for hormone regulators, have few or no side effects in the body except for possible nausea.

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