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Lemon balm – Melissa officinalis

lemon balm health benefits

Lemon balm is an intensely aromatic herb and is especially useful for mental and psychological fatigue. It stimulates body and mind, while protecting and stimulating the nervous system.

The use of both essential oil and infusion protects against melancholy, treats mild forms of depression and dispels anxiety, stress and insomnia. Many times the use of lemon balm in an aromatherapy device, suppresses nervous attacks, nervous headaches and panic attacks.

The reason is that it has the properties of a natural sedative and antidepressant.

People with sensitive nerves could replace their afternoon coffee with lemon balm tea. It is beneficial for mental and emotional health, while also stimulating memory.

Physically, it stimulates brain and heart function and treats palpitations and high blood pressure effectively. Due to the ability of this herb to relax blood vessels, it improves the function of the circulatory system and protects the heart from stress.

Lemon balm also works as a tonic in relation to the digestive system, where it helps treat digestive problems, as a natural digestive and soothing. It is beneficial in cases of anorexia, as a natural appetizer, stomach aches and indigestion and relieves the feeling of bloating. It can also be very helpful in treating nausea and vomiting, even during pregnancy.

The mild analgesic effect of the lemon balm may be useful in cases of pain in the ears and joints, muscle aches and even toothaches. Either by using the essential oil for massaging the sore area, or by dabbing the affected area with a cotton ball, the result is soothing. In combination with its antiseptic and antibacterial action, the lemon balm can also be used on abrasions, wounds, stings and swellings.

Great for the respiratory system

Of course, it also offers stimulation to the respiratory system, relieving cough and shortness of breath and treating asthma and bronchitis. The antispasmodic action of the lemon balm relieves intense cough either dry or productive. In combination with its antiseptic and antibacterial action, the lemon balm is ideal for fighting viruses and colds. It can be used for persistent fever as a natural perspirant.

In harmony with the female nature, lemon balm protects the uterus from diseases, while treating dysmenorrhea. The use of lemon balm during menopause and after, protects the body and the sensitive psychology of women.

Individually, it is worth noting that the use of lemon balm is beneficial for cases of hyperthyroidism, but always under the supervision of a doctor, while it is a very good natural insect repellent.

The use, especially of the essential oil, should be prudent, as it may cause skin irritations. The external and especially the internal use of the herb for therapeutic purposes should always be done under the supervision of a doctor. During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid use unless approved by your doctor.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of lemon balm and the nutritional value of lemon balm!

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