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Marjoram at cosmetics

Marjoram skin benefits

The marjoram herb is proven to be highly beneficial for the skin, especially the woman epidermis. It has the characteristic to stimulate the facial muscles, providing natural firming the skin and in the lower layers, making the firming more qualitative and deep.

It also provides relaxation to the body and sweetens the muscles and therefore wrinkles associated with nervousness.

The anti-aging action of marjoram, helps eliminate fine facial and eye wrinkles. The steam with marjoram, provide shine and whitens the skin, while the plant is known for its cleansing properties.

Marjoram has very good tonic and disinfectant properties. A lotion with marjoram offers great results for the treatment of acne, for wound healing and relief from insect bites. While it perfectly cleanses the hair, protecting against dandruff and treating excess oil.

For face and body, apart from toning, firming and radiance, marjoram provides intense hydration. As a plant, it is considered one of the predominantly female herbs, with use since ancient times.

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