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Oregano and its cosmetic uses

Oregano skin benefits

Oregano, beyond the countless healing properties it has and offers, also has a wide variety of cosmetic uses.

It is very effective in treating acne, as well as in cases of cystic acne, either in the form of an infusion or by using a balm with its essential oil.

Oregano is also ideal for use in hair, as it effectively treats dandruff and oiliness. At the same time, the oregano extract acts as a natural hair tonic.

Skin problems such as seborrhea, eczemas, herpes, warts and psoriasis, oregano has great symptomatic treatment. That is, it effectively relieves symptoms such as itching, pain or burning sensation. It is considered to be suitable for curing the above diseases, without being fully medically supported. Oregano infusion is effective for relieving insect bites and fighting lice.

Finally, due to its strong antioxidant action and its high vitamin C content, oregano is a perfect anti-aging and antioxidant. Protects the skin from premature aging, protects against free radicals, and significantly reduces wrinkles.

The essential oil of oregano effectively helps to fight cellulite and in cases of fluid retention. Oil massage treatments where you add oregano essential oil will promote better blood circulation and decongest the area effectively!

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