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Satureja Thymbra how to collect

satuje thymbra health benefits

Thrumby, also known as the thymbri, is a fragrant herb indigenous to the Balkans, which thrives mainly in the Mediterranean. It belongs to the same family as thyme and is an annual herb.

This herb is very similar to thyme, with very similar aroma and almost the same appearance. It has woody shoots with hard, small leaves and tiny white to purple flowers. Seeds from satureja thymbra are strongly aromatic.

Useful parts of the plant are the leaves and the flowering peaks. The ideal collection period is spring for the leaves that are fresh and full of essential oil, and in the blooming period for the flowers, from June to August.

Thrumby is a herb that does not withstand excess moisture or cold, preferring soils that are alkaline and well drained. Thymbra applications are very similar to thyme, both therapeutically and cosmetically. Of course, thymbra is believed to have stronger medicinal properties than thyme, especially the native, while it is rare and very rare.

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