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Pelargonium Graveolens – Sweet scented geranium

sweet scented geranium

Known as sweet scented geranium, but also as rose geranium, pelargonium graveolens is a unique herb with great health benefits and cosmetic properties!Although it is widely used for its excellent cosmetic properties, sweet scented geranium does not have many healing properties, while it is mainly beneficial for the nervous system!

Sweet scented geranium hides much of its healing properties in its rich and aromatic essential oil. It is extracted from the leaves and stems, while you will also find it in edible oil for flavoring and extra flavor in drinks, sweets and food.

Sweet scented geranium oil can be used successfully for nerve pain, topically for shingles, while also treating diarrhea. It is one of the few essential oils that can be used insoluble without being toxic to our body, in very small quantities.

Sweet scented geranium essential oil has a proven antibiotic effect, protecting the skin and our body from infections and viruses. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, it is used to treat acne and disinfect abrasions. For the treatment of diseases such as eczema, hemorrhoids, bruises you can even use the poultice of sweet scented geranium leaves, the extract or the flower water.

Geranium oil has been used and you will find it as a dietary supplement to improve athletic performance, increase endurance but also to boost metabolism in order to lose weight.

Worth mentioning of course is its action in aromatherapy, as it helps significantly in relaxation and calm after a difficult day, dealing with melancholy and mild depression. The aroma of sweet scented geranium is ideal for treating insomnia, irritability, stress and mental fatigue.

Beneficial for the female body, the tea from the leaves and flowers of sweet scented geranium treats the premenstrual syndrome and contributes to the calm during the menopause.

Precautions: Sweet scented geranium oil is generally safe even in young children. But there is always the risk of an allergic reaction. Try on a small area before use and do not consume or use if you see skin irritation or burning sensation. For internal use, consult a specialist for therapeutic purposes. It is considered safe for cosmetic use during pregnancy and lactation but not for internal consumption for therapeutic purposes.

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